VTANIUM The Original Kid-Friendly Virtual Market
What is VTANIUM?

VTANIUM is a learning program that teaches basic economics and financial concepts through a relevant and reactive self-contained virtual market in which students buy and sell virtual assets with virtual funds. Current asset classes include stock shares, crypto, and commodities. Future asset classes will include bonds, real-estate, and NFT's.

The VTANIUM market accelerates feedback with 24/7 virtual buy/sell activities and results. Whereas learning programs and simulators based on live exchanges may take weeks or months to demonstrate progress against slow-moving real-world economic changes, the VTANIUM self-contained virtual market reacts daily. As such, feedback against recent buy/sell decisions are a more immediate and visceral experience of a free market system.

VTANIUM lessons were optimized for both entertainment and classroom settings. Both versions provide a fully functional virtual exchange / marketplace and hours of entertaining and interactive experiences. Furthermore, the VTANIUM classroom version also includes a teacher's guide, student roster dashboard, reading lessons, self-tests, and student labs that step through the basics of budgeting, personal risk assessment, definitions, market analysis, and online active-learning exercises and observations.

VTANIUM For the Classroom

When paired with Economics or Finance classrom curriculum, VTANIUM is the ideal active-learning environment engineered to facilitate the following learning objectives:

  • Supply/Demand
  • Price elasticity
  • Scarcity
  • Opportunity Cost
  • Personal risk tolerance
  • Investment asset types and risk
  • Virtual investing
  • Strategy & Risk Alignment
  • Tailoring Portfolio Performance

Preview the VTANIUM Teacher's Guide here. Also, you may Sign-up here for your free 48-hour student demo account or contact us (team@vtanium.com or text 214-668-7592) for more information or a live demo.


VTANIUM the Game includes both free and paid subscription capabilities that you may choose during signup.

Free signup enables you to participate in all virtual buy/sell activities. As a subscriber, you have access to the learning materials and may elect to receive free framed or printed milestone certificates for each monetary and crown achievement.

Sign-up here for your VTANIUM game account.