VTANIUM The Original Kid-Friendly Virtual Market
What is VTANIUM?

VTANIUM is a self-contained market simulator and learning program that enables users to buy and sell virtual stock, crypto, and commodity assets with virtual funds.

VTANIUM accelerates feedback with 24/7 virtual trading activities and market results. Whereas market simulators based on real exchanges may take weeks or months to demonstrate progress against slow-moving economic changes and stock growth, VTANIUM does this in days and weeks. As such, feedback regarding good and bad virtual investments are immediately apparent enabling the user to adjust trading activities to achieve desired results at a compatible risk level.

VTANIUM was optimized for both entertainment and classroom settings. Both versions provide a fully functional virtual exchange / marketplace and hours of entertaining and interactive experiences. Concurrently, the VTANIUM classroom version also includes a teacher's guide, student roster dashboard, reading lessons, self-tests, and student labs that step through the basics of budgeting, personal risk assessment, definitions, investing, and online active-learning exercises and observations.


Let's face it, most of us stepped into the world of investing with very little knowledge and practice. When given the opportunity to set aside money in our workplace 401K, we listened to the advice of friends and family and then selected from the available list of high, moderate, and low risk packaged options to invest and grow that money. Regrettably, planning and risk assessment are usually secondary considerations for the first-time investor, which leads to future financial insecurity.

Concurrently, any other money that a first-time investor may elect to invest may be driven by online news flashes, social media influences, peer pressure, personal instinct, or a "bet". Invariably, without a well-informed strategy, many of these investments will result in overall losses which can jeopardize your savings and investments, or worse, discourage your continued savings and investment activities.

The VTANIUM market simulator can significantly reduce your chance of future bad investment choices by enabling an understanding of investment market fluctuations and facilitating a risk-free virtual environment where you can practice established or self-directed investment strategies that maximize gains and minimize losses within your desired risk tolerance parameters.

VTANIUM For the Classroom

When paired with Economics or Finance classrom curriculum, VTANIUM is the ideal active-learning environment engineered to facilitate the following learning objectives:

  • Supply/Demand
  • Price elasticity
  • Scarcity
  • Opportunity Cost
  • Personal risk tolerance
  • Investment asset types and risk
  • Virtual investing
  • Strategy & Risk Alignment
  • Tailoring Portfolio Performance

Preview the VTANIUM Teacher's Guide here. Also, you may Sign-up here for your free 48-hour student demo account or contact us (team@vtanium.com or text 214-668-7592) for more information or a live demo.


VTANIUM the Game includes both free and paid subscription capabilities that you may choose during signup.

Free signup enables you to participate in all virtual investment activities. As a subscriber, you have the added ability to buy real merchandise in the Coin Store using the gains from your virtual investments.

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